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Cookbook Club: Sweet Corn Bread Pudding, via Alton Brown and Josie

This recipe came from here, and was made by Josie when she heard I was making Vegetarian Chili for our last cookbook club. I have a deep appreciation for Alton Brown. I love how much he knows about the food … Continue reading

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Cheddar & Beer Cornbread

There was a week, recently, when the cupboards were bare, and the bank was account low. We were hungry, but needed to save our pennies for rent. How bloody sad is that? Well, we’re young, so we can be irresponsible. … Continue reading

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Cookbook Club: Angel’s Spaetzle

Nothing wrong with a little dough fried in butter! Angel brought us a simple recipe for German joy, in the form of Spaetzle. She thought it was too chewy, which I think she said might have had to do with … Continue reading

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Cookbook Club: Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Buttercream

My mom is not a baker, per se. She is able, but not willing. Birthdays at my house involved some mighty fine desserts, but they were all from a gourmet shop that she worked in, which was easier, and at … Continue reading

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Cookbook Club: January with Ginger

I’m a slacker. I have not posted any recipes from my cookbook club meeting in January, and I had to miss the meeting in February. You know who’s not a slacker? Our newest addition to da club, Ginger. She made … Continue reading

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Cookbook Club: Ricca’s Pizzoccheri

One of the dishes we asked for in our Cookbook club was a “starchy side,” and this could certainly be described as “starchy” and “awesome.” A mix of cabbage, cheese, starches and sage butter, it reminded some of us of … Continue reading

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