The Hot Vermoddy

“It was a really good idea. Your writing was witty, and I’m disappointed that you gave up on it.”

– My husband, re: my blog, this blog, trying to be funny/encouraging and achieving 50% of his goal. Like, half of encouraging, and half of funny.

So…here is a new recipe! Sorry I failed you, internet. This will make you feel better.

I’m no doctor, but, given any given illness this glorious Winter of ’15, this delightful spin on a classic has made me feel much, much better, if only because of the dueling warming effects of microwaved water and booze. Did I mention that my apartment has crap heating? I might as well just leave the windows open, it’s been so cold. No matter, I have my friend Woodford to keep me company. Oh, and my encouraging husband, obvi.

In all seriousness, this drink is a delight, and might have some benefits when you are sick (again though…not a doctor). Maple syrup contains a bunch of minerals  including Zinc, which is recommended for fighting a cold. Then you got your Vitamin C from the lemon, so no, it’s not a health food, but it couldn’t hurt.

I’ve seen versions with tea, but since I tend to want one of these bad boys right before bed, I omitted the tea. There are also variations with whole cloves, which would be lovely. Things to play with. Note also that proportions are to taste. I like this cocktail like I like my herbal tea, fairly sweet and sour.

The Hot Vermoddy
based on the classic Hot Toddy

Bourbon/Whiskey/Rye – 2oz (or to taste, some might do less, but I wouldn’t suggest too much more, unless you are just really into alcohol. And that’s cool.)
1-2 tablespoons fresh lemon juice
1-2 tablespoons pure, real maple syrup. Mine is almost always from Vermont. Sorry, Canada.
Hot water

Mix. Drink. Fall in love with Winter all over again.

Or, just know that it’s February, and you’re in the home stretch.

Hot Vermoddy

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