Food Review: Liddabit Sweets, Beer and Pretzel Caramels

Hello ya ol’ blog, and Happy New Year! It’s been a while. I have been cooking, but I have been really slow to post. The truth is, I was using my cell phone to post pictures of the food I was making, but then it died. I am using a borrowed phone until my iPhone dreams come true (February 2012??), and the pics on my current phone just won’t cut it.

But with the new year comes new ideas, and I am happy to present my first food review. While holiday shopping this year, I went to a store in Carroll Gardens called By Brooklyn. As the name implies, everything in the store is made in Brooklyn, my favorite borough, and there are many lovely things there, including food. I was looking for some stocking stuffers, and came upon my new favorite, albeit too-pricey-for-daily-consumption, confection.

Image from Liddabit Sweets

These caramels are a dream. Lending it an ever-so-slight bitterness, they are made using Brooklyn Brewery’s Brown Ale and East India Pale Ale, and crunchy bits of perfect pretzels from Martin’s Pretzels. The caramel is soft and buttery, not the stick in your teeth and pull out a filling variety. It’s also not too sweet. The pretzels give the caramel that saltiness that is so fashionable and delicious, and the butter from the caramel seems to get sucked into the pretzel a bit, leaving the once hard pretzel to have more of a light, really satisfying crispiness.

They run $7 for about 7 caramels, which makes them a bigger investment than a Sugar Daddy. As an occasional treat, I can totally justify the purchase. They also make a great stereotypical dude candy, since it’s a stereotypical dude quality to like beer, and they aren’t too girly.

So for you, the stereotypical dude, or anyone in your life that likes quality sweets, I highly recommend these addictive caramels. You can get them at the Liddabit Sweets website, along with another favorite, their Pumpkin Pie bar (there’s pie crust IN the bar. What?!?!?).

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