December Cookbook Club: Starch and Booze, Angel’s Kentucky Bourbon Slush

December’s cookbook club was another success. Lots of new faces, and delightful food. We lost our salad and vegetable-side folks to auditions and disease, so this month there was a heavy emphasis on fatty, starchy food. There were latkes, homemade mushroom ravioli, artichoke dip with pita chips, cake, lemon garlic mashed potatoes and hot and sour soup. Basically starch, bread and soup. It was all delicious, but we all felt ever-so-slightly guilty that 1. all our food was the same color and 2. we were missing some greens.

Luckily, a new member, an “Angel,” if you will, came through with a recipe to break up the bread trend. Granted, it still matched the color palette at the table, and you can’t really call the recipe “nutritious,” but when you’re drunk, who cares?

Everyone has a party this month, so I figured I would get this recipe out into the world as soon as possible for your entertaining needs. Please enjoy:

Angel’s Kentucky Bourbon Slush

7 cups water (total)
1 1/2 cups sugar
4 tea bags
12 oz can frozen orange juice
12 oz can frozen lemonade
2 cups bourbon (more if you’re feeling sassy)
(you can use Whiskey, but then it ain’t Kentucky!)
Lemon-lime soda (or ginger ale if that’s your thing)

Dissolve sugar in 2 cups of boiling water. Brew tea in this water.
In a large bowl or serving container combine tea & frozen lemonade & frozen orange juice & bourbon & the other 5 cups of water.

Freeze for at least 24 hours.

To serve: Fill glass 3/4 full of slush and top off with the soda.

More recipes to come…subscribe to get email updates!

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